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Vapor Protection Services®
Mitigates Vapor Intrusion for Healthy Indoor Air

Vapor Protection Services® Mitigates Vapor Intrusion for Healthy Indoor Air

We are a healthy indoor air company specializing in design and installation of vapor mitigation systems to address vapor intrusion and radon concerns in residential, commercial and public buildings.

If you are a consultant who knows the impact of vapor intrusion or radon on public health, then you know how important quality consulting and mitigation can be for meeting performance criteria for healthy indoor air. That’s why we are committed to helping environmental consultants mitigate concerns by building systems designed for longterm reliability and which meet EPA guidelines.

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Contact us to discuss a cost estimate or bid proposal for VI mitigation system design, installation, or repair and maintenance. Our design and build sub-contracting services center on Sub-Slab Depressurization Systems (SSDS) and Sub-Membrane Depressurization Systems (SMDS) to meet specified performance criteria to mitigate radon or the release of chlorinated solvents and gasoline containing carcinogenic compounds, such as tetrachlorethylene (perchloroethylene/perc/PCE), tricholorethylene (TCE), vinyl chloride, and benzene.

As a General Contractor, we leave premises clean and in their original condition, can open and close access to mechanical chases, and provide framer-quality carpentry and finishing services to enclose systems, often requested for restaurant seating areas, or to help retain a site’s original character with historical landmarks.

Our mitigation systems utilize state of the art fans, mounting equipment, and Schedule 40 piping to depressurize sub-slab air, and efficiently and effectively stop vapor intrusion concerns. That’s may not be rocket science, but only responsible installations by knowledgeable personnel with quality equipment and reliable pressure field testing can produce effective mitigation systems that perform for years.
Our on-site activities, as-built drawings, and field communications testing is documented and presented in easy-to-read reports.

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Vapor Protection Services® is fully trained and certified in radon abatement and measurements testing 
and mitigation of vapor intrusion by the National Radon Proficiency Program and a member of the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists, Inc. All vapor mitigation system designs, materials and installation adhere to guidelines established by EPA on Indoor Air Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Approaches. Our personnel also study with the Center for Environmental Research & Technology.

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Consultants who need mitigation strategies for design, budgeting, installation or to request a site walk, please call Joe Miller at 317-361-5518.
Homeowners or realtors who need a cost estimate or repair for a radon mitigation system, please call Darlene Apple at 317-252-5295.