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Radon Testing Discount

The Radon Test @ $99 Coupon Includes

  • Single-Family Residence, 2-Charcoal 48-Hour Test.
  • Placement/Collection by NRPP Licensed Radon Test Administrator
  • Results From Analytical Lab Delivered via E-mail with Recommended Mitigation System Strategy and Estimate
  • Cost of Test Can be Applied Towards New System Installation or Repair of Existing System

Save $50 off regular price of $149 radon testing & pay $99 with coupon.

If radon testing shows that a new system is needed to reduce levels, then $99 will be credited toward a new system that meets State Board of Health requirements. If radon testing shows that an existing system needs repair or fan replacement, then $99 will be credited toward repair.

Who Can Benefit From This Coupon

Coupon benefits those who haven’t had their home tested in last two years or longer. EPA recommends testing every two years as weather conditions and remodeling can alter indoor radon levels.

Coupon also benefits those who already know they have radon levels of 4 pCi/L and need to reduce radon levels. Homeowners receive a $99 discount on installation of a new radon system or repair of an existing.


Who benefits twice from the same coupon? Those who have not had radon levels tested in last two years and receive test results of 4 pCi/L or higher and now need a new system or repair of an existing system to reduce radon levels. You save $50 on testing, then another $99 discount on installation or repair.


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  • Coupon valid through 12.31.2014.
  • Cannot be duplicated.
  • Subject to availability.
  • Commercial structures/Multi-Family dwellings extra.
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